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History section - introduction

St Mary's Perivale is a medieval church dating back 800 years or more, with an interesting past. This website history is in two sections. Firstly, there is a brief TEXT HISTORY, in about 32 web pages, with relevant images. Secondly, there is an IMAGE GALLERY of about 500 photos and drawings, arranged into 21 gallery pages. All images can be enlarged by pointing a ‘mouse' over them.

I am very grateful indeed to Eileen Eden, our archivist, for much historical information and to Reg Eden for images from his remarkable postcard collection. I am also grateful to George Auckland for much patient help with uploading all this material to the website!

Hugh Mather
Chairman, the Friends of St Mary's Perivale

A brief synopsis with links to relevant web pages 

Perivale before 1900 was a small isolated hamlet, but this changed around 1930 when Western Avenue was built and the population grew to c10,000. The name probably derives from Greenford ‘Parva' or Little Greenford. The age of the church is uncertain but definitely dates back to the 13C, and possibly to the 12C, although most visible features are 15C onwards. The dedication to St Mary the Virgin had been forgotten until (re)discovered in 1951. Prior to 1875 the church had Georgian features but in a major Victorian restoration, the church acquired a Chancel Arch and Victorian pews etc. In 1965, urgent repairs were undertaken to prevent collapse, and the church was modernized , with removal of pews, and a new chancel roof and East Window. The church was closed in 1972.

Interesting features of the church include the Myllet brass, the ‘Leper window'and ‘Weeping Chancel', the font and Victorian Altar, the stained glass windows, the war memorials, the tower and the bells. It has always been linked to the Lords of the Manor of Perivale, whose monuments decorate the chancel. The Myllets and Lanes and the Harrisons retained the title from 1566 to 1767. Subsequently the Lateward family and descendants held the title until the early 20C. Rev Shurey was a notable Rector from 1783 to 1789. Rev JF Lateward was Rector from 1812 to 1861. John Farthing lived in Perivale from 1845-1861 and wrote fascinating memoirs. Subsequent rectors were Rev Hughes (1861-1907), Rev T Eland (1907-1926), and Rev A H M Hope (1926-1949). Three more Rectors officiated between 1950 and 1972.

The Churchyard contains memorials in the churchyard dating back to 1683. Interesting monuments and personages include the Maiden's Tomb, Admirals Carter and Collinson, and other notables listed on two pages (page 1, page 2). Perivale Manor was located on the site of Ealing Golf Course and demolished in the 18C, and the rectory was demolished in 1957. The lych gate was erected in 1904. Since 1972 the church has become a flourishing Arts Centre run by the Friends of St Mary's Perivale.

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