Perivale Manor

Perivale Manor House was a large country mansion which probably dated from Tudor times, and was situated directly opposite the church and rectory, on what is now Ealing Golf Course. It is shown in a detailed sketch from about 1850, possibly made by Rev JF Lateward who was born there around 1787, and drawn in about 1850. Its E-shaped layout is clearly shown in the Rocque map of around 1746. Some outbuildings indicated on the map can also be seen in two old drawings of the South side of the church, and the position of the fence in the drawing of the north side of the church corresponds closely with the Roque map. The manor is thought to have possessed a moat around three sides in earlier centuries. It became very dilapidated and was demolished in the late 18th century. Allen Browne, writing in 1891, records old inhabitants referring to stories of the grandeur of the old place, and its ‘many windows', and of the decay and neglect which had necessitated its demolition. The walnut tree still standing on the golf course was formerly in the garden of the house. A detailed description of the manor by John Farthing from around 1850, probably aided by Rev Lateward, is as follows…

The erection was of red brick, and had three principal fronts, the fourth looking only towards the stables and offices. It was separated from the road by a lofty brick wall, and the entrance was through a pair of curiously-wrought iron gates supported by pillars, also of red brick, crowned by lions carved in stone. A broad gravel walk, with a grass plot on each side, led to the door of the mansion. On ascending a double flight of stone steps you entered the large hall, paved with black and white marble in alternate squares; stags' heads with antlers adorned the walls, with here and there demi-suits of armour and warlike weapons. A broad staircase of oak with carved balusters led to the upper apartments, and there was another storey over these containing the dormitories.

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