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Collection of Information  

7. ‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale' collects and holds information on persons interested in attending concerts:  
•  manually from new persons attending our concerts who request to be added to our mailing list, when they give us their contact details on the requisite form (which we now store);  
•  manually from new persons attending our concerts who ask to become a Member (the contact details they give us on our Membership Subscription forms is then stored);
•  electronically from new persons who contact us by email asking to be added to our mailing list (and those e-mails are kept);  and
•  occasionally from new persons telephoning or meeting a member of the Executive Committee and asking to be added to our mailing list (a record of such requests is kept).

8. Such new persons learn about us through word of mouth at other concerts (including from musicians performing there who have also played for us) or by seeing one of our seasonal programme leaflets (see next section) or by perusing our website or by meeting an existing Member.

9. Our mailing contact list comprises the email addresses of approximately 1,050 persons and has been built up over the last 13 years. All e-mail addresses were specifically given to us during that period by the persons concerned so that they might receive information about our concerts. We have never acquired names and contact data through any other means, and neither do we disclose them to entities outside ‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale'. Over that long period relatively few people have asked to be removed from our mailing list and since we introduced an Unsubscribe facility only 12 people have used it. Neither have we ever received any complaints from recipients.

10. Moreover, the nature of the replies that we have received from Members and other concert attenders who chose to respond (anonymously) to our biennial Questionnaire Survey is overwhelmingly positive, with effusive praise offered and much encouragement for us to continue our valued concert series as it currently is.

11. We consider that this demonstrates that we are using the contact information in a helpful and responsible manner and that it confirms the desire of the persons we e-mail to continue receiving the information that we send.  

Information on our Concerts  

12. Ordinarily, we send one e-mail each week (using the Sendblaster software system) to our list of contacts, informing them about our forthcoming concerts over the next seven days at St Mary's Perivale (and also one on Friday lunchtimes at St Barnabas, Pitshanger Lane, which Dr Hugh Mather also organises). Very occasionally we send out a second mail - for example, to alert our contacts of a late change of musician/programme or the late addition of an extra concert. Our e-mails now include a link to enable the recipients to Unsubscribe.

13. Just over 100 of our Members and attenders have signed up to our Text Messaging Service, which reminds them at 10am on the morning of our next concert about it. All such persons have specifically given us their names and mobile phone numbers so that we can do this.

14. We also advertise our forward concert programmes by season (Spring, Summer and Autumn) through specially printed leaflets which, from feedback and their uptake, our Members and other attenders clearly value. Each season, in addition to making those leaflets available at our concerts, we deliver 2,000 - 3,000 of each leaflet to public libraries, churches, Arts Centres and other concert venues around Ealing and neighbouring London Boroughs. In the last few years we have attracted several tens of new attenders through this means.

15. Information about our concerts - past, current and future - is also advertised on our website:

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