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March 2018


‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale' collects, stores and uses contact and payment information and some other personal data as an essential part of our concert operations. In particular, we send regular e-mails to members and other contacts about forthcoming concerts that are considered to be of interest; we use a software programme called Sendblaster for this task. We comply with all relevant legislation and, where there are judgements to be made, apply the principle of proportionality - bearing in mind that we are a registered charity run by a few unpaid volunteers, focused solely on organising and running classical music concerts at St Mary's Perivale and are dependent on Membership subscriptions and voluntary retiring collections.   We aim to treat all our contacts (i.e. our Members, other attenders from the general public, our musicians and third parties with whom we engage) in an open, respectful and courteous way. We will amend or delete the personal information we hold on you if you so request.  


1. ‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale' is now a well-established and flourishing classical music society with three closely-related Objectives:  
•  provide a very high standard of music for our Membership and the general public to enjoy;
•  provide professional performance opportunities for (especially younger) musicians; and
•  maintain the medieval church building (which is our dedicated concert venue) and its attached churchyard and graves in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed from the Church Commissioners.

2. We currently organise and run more than one hundred classical music concerts each year. Our concert series has grown significantly since 2005 and we now attract an audience not only from Ealing but also from across London and sometimes beyond. Most of our concerts are photographed and also video recorded, using the high-definition broadcast-quality equipment that we have installed at St Mary's.

3. The ‘Friends of St Mary's Perivale' is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, under the leadership of six Trustees and an Executive Committee of 17 members comprised mainly of retired professionals (for example: doctors, accountants, solicitor, architect and civil servant).

4. As regards funding, we operate on the basis of Membership subscriptions and voluntary retiring collections at our concerts. We do not receive grants from external bodies but benefit infrequently from legacies (that have spending conditions attached). With the sole exception of our New Year's Day gala (when, in order to regulate attendance numbers, tickets are sold in advance by cheque) we do not sell tickets. We do not operate any online booking facility and we do not accept credit cards. These arrangements simplify our administration and reduce the amount of personal financial data we need to hold. We receive a 25% Gift Aid supplement on the voluntary donations made by attenders at our concerts if those attenders fill out their details on the GA envelopes. We do not keep a record of the names of concert attenders, except for the NYD gala. We pay our musicians in cash at each concert unless they request otherwise.

5. Data Controller   

Dr Hugh Mather , Chairman of ‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale',
23 Amherst Avenue, Ealing, London W13 8NQ

6. Data Processors  

Dr Hugh Mather , Chairman of ‘The Friends of St Mary's Perivale',
23 Amherst Avenue, Ealing, London W13 8NQ

Mr Richard Norris , Accountant,
26, Sutton Court, Fauconberg Rd, Chiswick, London W4 3JE

Mr Andrew N D Goodhart , Gift Aid Recorder and Chairman of the Trustees,
35 Mount Park Road, Ealing, London W5 2RS

Third Party services as indicated in this Statement.  



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