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Title Surname
Valse, La  Baek Minjung Piano Ravel 29/10/14
Variations and Fugue Hay   Tyler Piano Ogdon 20/06/17
Variations Brillantes Op 14 Pan Mengyang  Piano Czerny 28/10/10
Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen  Hay Tyler Piano Liszt 20/06/17
Variations Serieuses Op 54 Sham Aristo Piano Mendelssohn 15/06/11
Venezia e Napoli (1/2) Pan Mengyang  Piano Liszt 16/07/14
Violin sonata Parnas Madalyn Lebhardt Daniel Violin & piano Janacek 20/02/13
Violin sonata Wierdsma Amarins Ritivoiu Mihai Violin & piano Debussy 08/01/17
Violin sonata (1st movt) Humphreys Fenella  Eimer Nicola Violin & piano Ravel 05/12/12
Violin sonata in A minor Op 105 Keuffer Leon  Yiangou Andrew  Violin & piano Schumann 01/02/17
Violin sonata in A minor Op 23 (1st movt) Jia Tianyun White Alexis Violin & piano Beethoven 30/04/11
Violin sonata in B minor 2nd movt Poll Mari Hughes Jennifer Violin & piano Respighi 12/10/11
Violin sonata in G major Op 78 Grier    Savitri Grier Francis Violin & piano Brahms 11/12/13
Violin sonata in G Op 96 2nd movt Sawa Aki Imai Tadashi Violin & piano Beethoven 15/02/12
Violin sonata in G Op78 Lomeiko Natalia Sitkovetsky Olga  Violin & piano Brahms 22/02/17
Violin sonata K 454 Grier Savitri Grier Francis  Violin & piano Mozart 27/11/14
Violin sonata movts 2 & 3 Falk Ofer McLean Viv Violin & piano Elgar 23/04/14
Violin sonata no 2 Grier Savitri Grier Francis Violin & piano Bartok 13/12/13
Violin sonata no2  (1st movt) Milwidsky Mathilde Imai Tadashi Violin & piano Schumann 19/11/14
Violin sonata Op 30 no 3 Chen Jiafeng  White Alexis Violin & piano Beethoven 21/09/16
Violin sonata Op 96 movts 2 & 3 Tomii Chieri  Imai Tadashi Violin & piano Beethoven 27/11/13

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