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Title Surname
Paganini Etude no 6 Pan Mengyang  Piano Liszt 21/01/15
Paganini variations Books 1 & 2 Fisher John Granger Piano Brahms 27/09/16
Paraphrase on Strauss's Die Fledermaus Pan Mengyang  Piano Grunfeld 23/03/10
petit garcon, Le ' Power Sarah Cardona Anna Soprano & piano Poulenc 14/04/10
Piano  sonata in A D 959 Kong Jianing Piano Schubert 06/02/14
Piano concerto no 1 op 15 McLean Viv  Ensemble Brannigans  Piano & orchestra Beethoven 04/01/14
Piano Quintet 2nd movt Dalriada  Ensemble Piano Quintet Elgar 25/04/12
Piano sonata   Puzaite Evelina  Piano Puzaite 20/03/13
Piano sonata in A flat Op 26 Javierre Dario Llanos Piano Beethoven 16/10/16
Piano sonata in A K 331 McLean Viv Piano Mozart 12/06/12
Piano sonata in A Op 101 Leung Edward Piano Beethoven 17/01/17
Piano sonata in B flat Op 106 'Hammerklavier' Mather Hugh Piano Beethoven 06/02/17
Piano sonata no 2 Op 36 Lapshin Konstantin Piano Rachmaninov 01/11/16
Piano trio Grier Trio Piano trio Ravel 17/12/14
Piano trio in B flat Op 97 'Archduke' Fujise/Aliyev Trio Piano trio Beethoven 12/10/16
Piano trio in B flat Op 97 'Archduke' Grier  Trio Piano trio Beethoven 15/12/10
Piano trio in C minor Op 101 Grier Trio Piano trio Brahms 15/12/15
Piano trio in E flat D 929 Grier  Trio Piano trio Schubert 09/12/12
Piano trio in E flat D 929 (1st movt) Minerva Trio Piano trio Schubert 02/12/15
Piano trio in Gminor (2nd movt) Isimsiz Trio Piano trio Schumann 23/08/16
Piano trio Op 70 no 2 Grier  Trio Piano trio Beethoven 18/12/13
plus que lente, La ' Economou Charles Piano Debussy 21/10/12
Poem - Avowal Keuffer Leon  Yiangou Andrew  Violin & piano Godowsky 01/02/17
Poissons d'or Pan Mengyang  Piano Debussy 21/01/15
Polka de W.R. Lapshin Konstantin Piano Rachmaninov 27/11/12
Polonaise Brillante in D Fields Sadie Imai Tadashi Violin & piano Wieniawski 07/04/10
Polonaise Op 53 Wiercinski Andrzej Piano Chopin 29/11/14
Prelude & Fugue in D flat Op 87 no 15 Hayroudinoff Rustem Piano Shostakovich 03/01/10
Prelude and Fugue  in F minor BWV 857 Szymanowski Michal  Piano Bach 20/11/16
Prelude and Fugue in C sharp major Sham Aristo Piano Bach 18/03/15
Prelude in C# minor Op 3 no 2 Okros Luka Piano Rachmaninov 22/11/16
Prelude in F minor Op 32 no 6 Hayroudinoff Rustem Piano Rachmaninov 03/01/10
Prelude Op 45 Viner Mark Piano Chopin 12/04/17
Preludes Op 23 nos 5 & 9 Fripp Ashley Piano Rachmaninov 01/02/12

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