Music at  ST MARY'S   Perivale

St Mary's Perivale Mozart Piano Sonata Festival 2022

All 18 piano sonatas played by 18 pianists
Sunday 13 March 2022
2 - 6 pm and 7 - 10 pm

Admission free. No tickets issued beforehand
This unique festival will be streamed LIVE.
Watch on the website or Vimeo or Youtube
The whole festival will be available to enjoy for 3 weeks afterwards.
We will pay all the pianists, so please donate via our website to cover their fees
Thank you in advance



Click here for programme notes and biographies

2.0 pm Cristian Sandrin Sonata in C major K279
2.20 pm Sasha Grynyuk Sonata in F major K280
2.40 pm Edward Leung Sonata in B flat K281
2.55 pm Iyad Sughayer Sonata in E flat K282
3.15-3.25 pm interval  
3.25 pm Mengyang Pan Sonata in G major K283
3.40 pm Domonkos Csabay Sonata in D major K284
4.10 pm Ke Ma Sonata in C major K309
4.30 - 4.50 pm Tea interval  
4.50 pm Amit Yahav Sonata in A minor K310
5.15 pm Patrick Hemmerle Sonata in D major K311
5.35 pm Hao Zi Yoh Sonata in C major K330
6.00 - 7.00 pm Supper interval  



Click here for programme notes and biographies

7.00 pm Ashley Fripp Sonata in A major K331
7.25 pm Parvis Hejazi Sonata in F major K332
7.45 pm Yuchong Wu Sonata in B flat major K333
8.10-8.20 interval  
8.20 pm Julian Trevelyan Sonata in C minor K457
8.40 pm Julian Jacobson Sonata in F major K533/494
9.05-9.15 pm interval  
9.15 pm Dinara Klinton Sonata in C major K545
9.30 pm Roman Kosyakov Sonata in B flat major K570
9.50 pm Susanna Braun Sonata in D major K576

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